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Мачка Дрво Мачка Кула, Мулти-Приказна Мачка Дрво Кула Гребење Активност Центар

Мачка Дрво Мачка Кула, Мулти-Приказна Мачка Дрво Кула Гребење Активност Центар

DEN 427.20

Во магацинот.

Мулти-слој дизајн е погодна за мулти-мачка families2. Пространа мачка отпадоци и платформа обезбеди удобно почивалиште за cats6. На едноставен стил е погоден за сите видови на почетниот decoration3.Мачката дрво е само погоден за мали и средни мачки.

Основни карактеристики

particle board, sisal, paper tube, plush
Product Description :
The safe use of cat trees can satisfy the nature of cats. This multifunctional center features natural sisal scrapers, covered with sisal, hammocks, platforms, spacious cat litters and perches. Cat scratching boards provide some space to reduce the cat's desire to scratch and crawl, and protect carpets and household furniture from damage, which is beneficial to pets and owners. Rest, entertainment, exercise, your cat can spend all day. :
This luxurious, climbable cat tree discovery center will make your kitty happy and make your house safe! :
1. Multi-layer design is suitable for multi-cat families :
2. The simple style is suitable for all kinds of home decoration :
3. Strong carrying capacity, providing safety guarantee :
4. Natural sisal rope is very wear-resistant and can meet the natural needs of kittens :
5. The spacious cat litter and platform provide a comfortable resting place for cats :
6. The cat’s activity tree can make its claws point, climb, sleep and exercise :
1. Keep the cat tree dry. :
2. Pay attention to the fire source. :
3. Keep a clean cat tree for your favorite cats. :
4. Before buying, please make sure the product size is suitable for your pet. The cat tree is only suitable for small and medium cats. :

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